More of a jazz band than an orchestra

We’re a mix of urban designers, architects, landscape architects, graphic designers, model makers, film makers, and more. So we’re all an expert at something and a novice at something else. That keeps the conversation flowing and the ideas coming. We have a lot in common, but it’s our differences that make our Studio the intensely social, productive place it is.

To hear our different voices, read on.

Team Christophe Egret 1 2400
Christophe Egret
Founding Director
Team David West 1 2400
David West
Founding Director
Team Lucas Lawrence 1 2400
Lucas Lawrence
Company Director
Team Vincent Lin 1 2400
Vincent Lin
Director (Operations)
Team Allison Piehn 1 2400
Allison Piehn
Associate Director
Team Cecilia Lindstrom 1 2400
Cecilia Lindström
Associate Director
Team Duncan Paybody 1 2400
Duncan Paybody
Associate Director
Team Alisan Dockerty 2400
Alisan Dockerty
TEMP Alix Roberts TEMP
Alix Roberts
Team Daniel Mahony 2400
Daniel Mahony
Team Freddie Jackson 2 2400
Freddie Jackson
Team Gemma Noakes 2400
Gemma Noakes
Team Thomas Clark 1 2400
Tommy Clark
Team Chris Manning 1 2400
Chris Manning
Senior Architect
Team Eric Bull 2 2400
Eric Bull
Senior Architect
Team Gwyn Jones 2400
Gwyn Jones
Senior Architect
Team James Cook 1 2400
James Cook
Project Architect
Team Lucy Head 1 2400
Lucy Head
Project Architect
Team Tia Randall 1 2400
Tia Randall
Project Architect
Team Maysa Phares 1 2400
Maysa Phares
Senior Urban Designer
Team Nick James 1 2400
Nick James
Urban Designer
Team Caitlin Simcock 2 2400
Caitlin Simcock
Deimante Bazyte 2
Deimante Bazyte
Team Georgina Halabi 1 2400
Georgina Halabi
Team Han Hao 1 2400
Han Hao
Team Jolene Liam 2 2400
Jolene Liam
Team Joshua Thomas 1 2400
Joshua Thomas
Team Kit Chow 1a 2400
Kit Chow
Team Anna Gnecco 1 2400
Anna Gnecco
Team Cassidy Reid 2 2400
Cassidy Reid
Part II Architectural Assistant
Team Dominic Ramli Davies 1 2400
Dominic Ramli-Davies
Part II Architectural Assistant
Team Frances Kirk 2 2400
Frances Kirk
Part II Architectural Assistant
Team Heidi Au Yeung 2 2400
Heidi Au Yeung
Part II Architectural Assistant
Team James Berk 2400
James Berk
Team Miziana Boustani 2400
Miziana Boustani
Part II Architectural Assistant
Team Jarrell Goh 1 2400
Jarrell Goh
Part II Architectural Assistant
Team Wei Wen 1 2400
Wei Wen
Part II Architectural Assistant
Team Gordon Yip 1 2400
Gordon Yip
Part I Architectural Assistant
Team Martin Lee 2 2400
Martin Lee
Landscape Architect
Team Max Aughton 1 2400
Max Aughton
Landscape Architect
Team Sarah Brooks 1 2400
Sarah Brooks
Landscape Urbanist
Team Tara Hiley 1 2400
Tara Hiley
Landscape Architect
Team Jessica Rae 1 2400
Jessica Rae
Business Development & Marketing Manager
Team Roma Mc Cook 3 2400
Roma McCook
Graphic Designer
Team Jonathan Slaughter 2 2400
Jonathan Slaughter
Model Maker
Team Ussmaa Janet Gulzar 2 2400
Ussmaa Gulzar
Model Maker
Team Isabella West 1 2400
Isabella West
Multimedia Producer
Team Lone Blomhoj 2 2400
Lone Blomhøj
Studio Manager
Team Sally Wallace 2400
Sally Wallace
Finance Manager
Team Ilia Mouline 1 2400
Ilia Mouline
IT Manager
Team Sashka Nacheva 1 2400
Sashka Nacheva