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Harry Henderson

Part I Architectural Assistant

I have an appreciation of architecture and being at SEW has quantified my progression as an individual.”
I have an appreciation of architecture and being at SEW has quantified my progression as an individual.”

My first month at Studio Egret West was intense; the reality of the profession seemed a world away from undergraduate life at Newcastle University. I was asked to produce detailed planning drawings for the Manchester ‘Maybe’ Bridge, a crucial piece of infrastructure that forges a physical connection from the quirky ‘meanwhile use’ Mayfield Gatehouse to the soon to be refurbished Mayfield Depot station platform. The bridge converts the meanwhile construction into a worthwhile project; a launchpad for the ambitious future of the site, which is steered by SEW’s Strategic Regeneration Framework. At such an infant stage of my career, ploughing through these plans and elevations, I don’t think I fully appreciated the weight my lines carried.

Working on the Lido at Northlake, developing a compelling design and producing planning drawings for a building of a palpable scale, helped me mature. This project is a personal highlight for me as I gained a holistic perspective on the Studio’s design process. Faraday Works, our mixed-use residential scheme in Charlton, has been the biggest part of my SEW journey.

Underused, undervalued, and deteriorating. The existing buildings on the Charlton site, similarly on the Mayfield site, are key heritage assets that needed attention. Working on these projects has allowed me to work in a team with a collective ambition to retain these literal building blocks for our future benefit, prolonging the character of the site and enhancing the place we create. Being directly involved in the place making conception stage, to then produce an inspiring design and access statement, has been an invaluable experience.

I was lucky to see the completion of the Mayfield Bridge in Manchester, where my naïve computer lines are now a tangible steel construction. This compounded my appreciation of architecture and quantified my progression as an individual.