Cassidy Reid


My ambition is to create better places for people.”

From an early age, I had the desire to become an Architect because I wanted to create places for people. This has grown to become an ambition which stitches the environment and the built form together in order to create a symbiosis of disciplines; creating better places for people.

During my time at Studio Egret West I have endeavoured to apply this belief to all projects. To achieve this, I have evolved a personal drawing style, where characterful digital illustrations demonstrate the possible activation and spirit of a place. The illustrations have proven to be a beneficial and effective way in developing the brief and ethos behind a proposal.

This form of communication was used to build the brief for Northlake, helping to shape the vision with the clients and stakeholders at an early stage of the proposal. Northlake is a scheme that aims to deliver 2,500-3,000 homes, a lido, a community pavilion, a cycle park and a school. The scheme aspires to create an evolving place, where a number of residential ‘nests’ form multiple communities and share the extension of the Mar Dyke valley and other existing ecological treasures.

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