Eric Bull

Associate & Sustainability Lead (Passivhaus Certified Designer)

Sustainable design has the power enrich the story of our buildings, communities, spaces and places.”

As the son of an architect, some of my earliest memories growing up in Canada are of exploring architectural sights with my father – and from those early experiences, I was hooked.

At 15, I became a builder’s assistant, working on small housing extensions in Toronto. My teenage summers were spent laying bricks, pouring foundations, framing timber walls, and installing windows. I later benefited from an apprenticeship within an architectural practice, where I had my first introduction to CAD, model-making, and drafting. Soon after, I moved to the UK, and my work experiences encouraged me to pursue formal education as an architect.

Throughout my over-20-year career I have been involved in the design and delivery of award-winning schemes throughout the UK and abroad, and my passion for architecture and design has never dwindled. However, a keen interest in sustainable and regenerative design has also developed.

Shortly after joining SEW in 2019, I established the studio’s Climate Change Response steering group, to help address the challenges of the climate and biodiversity emergency. My focus is on the overlap between design, beauty, innovation, and practical solutions to real-world environmental challenges. I believe that this elevates human experience, while we deliver on our responsibility to help protect our natural world.

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