Tommy Wong


My inspiration lies at the intersection of digital design, coding, material research, and traditional craftsmanship.”

Originally from Hong Kong, I bring a distinctive international perspective to my role in architecture. My academic journey encompasses studies at the University of Nottingham and the Bartlett School of Architecture, shaping my diverse experiences from nearly a decade of living in the UK.

The fusion of traditional and modern technology captivates me, and I hope to extend this interest into unique ways of crafting public spaces that blend heritage with contemporary placemaking.

My most notable project at Studio Egret West has been the Dace Road residences in Fish Island, London. This fulfilling undertaking immersed me in a dynamic array of on-site design processes. My previous experiences with Foster and Partners and AHMM involved significant contributions to international supertall towers and high-rise buildings.

Being a part of SEW feels akin to being a member of a close-knit family. The studio's compact nature fosters a friendly and collaborative atmosphere, a place where everyone's contributions are valued, and creativity thrives.