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We design and curate places with compelling narratives and identities, places that are firmly rooted in their context and grow naturally out of it. Places that cultivate sustainable communities, amplify nature, prioritise the public realm, and evolve over time.

Studio Egret West was founded in 2004 by Christophe Egret and David West. Since then, we have delivered some of the UK’s most exciting, high quality placemaking projects through the symbiosis of memorable architecture, strategic urban design and ecology-driven landscape. The success of the practice and the places we create is based on the layering and symbiosis of these three disciplines.

Located in Clerkenwell, London, our 70 strong team is comprised of a mix of urban designers, architects, landscape architects, graphic designers, model makers, film makers and thinkers, all of whom contribute to designing rich and diverse neighbourhoods.

In 2020, Studio Egret West became an Employee Ownership Trust.

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More of a jazz band than an orchestra


More of a jazz band than an orchestra

We’re a mix of urban designers, architects, landscape architects, graphic designers, model makers, film makers, and more. So we’re all an expert at something and a novice at something else. That keeps the conversation flowing and the ideas coming. We have a lot in common, but it’s our differences that make our Studio the intensely social, productive place it is.

To hear our different voices, read on.

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Constructing narratives, deconstructing boundaries


Constructing narratives, deconstructing boundaries

We see ourselves as storytellers, and we’ll always tell stories about place before we speak about a building. It’s a question of stepping right back and seeing the specific as part of the wider strategy, the bigger picture. We’re interested in strategic frameworks, how things fit together, and the in-between spaces that provide the glue. We know that we’re only part of the story – places will keep evolving long after we’ve gone and they’ll always be part of something greater.

To experience the stories of our places, read on.

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Seven guiding principles


Seven guiding principles

We’ve distilled our way of working down to a list of seven ‘S’s. Some have formed part of our mantra since the early days, and some have become more important as the years have gone by. All of them now frame our conversations, ground us, and say quite a lot about our collective mindset. They underline who we are and how we roll.

To learn about these guiding principles, read on.

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Opinions, perspectives & obsessions


Opinions, perspectives & obsessions

We’re a Studio of strong opinions, different perspectives and long-standing obsessions. Like our physical Showroom, this is where we speak about what’s on our minds and open up the conversation. There’s space for all sorts of ideas, and – in the spirit of a jazz band – we welcome riffs, solos and the expression of well-argued passions. All of these add up to the lively, inclusive mindset of our Studio and drive our thought leadership.

To engage with our points of view, read on.

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