Lucy Lundberg


Storytelling is integral to expressing ideas.”

Architectural design is a perfect meld of logic and creativity, connecting people to their environment, the past, memories and each other. Brought up in a rural environment, I have lived in contrasting extremes of open space and densely populated urban areas. Both revealed the importance of architecture and planning in creating and maintaining community life, and in bringing people together.

Designing specifically for children during a university project led me to consider how the built world can be perceived and appropriated in a more playful manner. I find the connections between psychology and the built environment fascinating and increasingly important, and strive to use design to achieve healthier lifestyles and create positive influences on the mind. Approaching design from the inside out, I like to begin by considering the human scale, exploring how an individual would perceive and use a space.

For me, storytelling is integral to expressing ideas - a simple detail or tool can tell a larger story in its symbolism and layers, giving strength to a project and situating it within its context. During my master's degree, I enjoyed experimenting with animation to convey narratives, bringing drawings to life by adding dimensions of time and movement.

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