Matthew Yip


It is a joy working at SEW, where I can continue the discussion, research and testing of biophilic design within the built environment.”

As an architect, I am fascinated by the way different spaces affect human psychology, mood and behaviour. In particular, my interest lies in the role that nature plays in the city to not only improve our health and wellbeing, but also to encourage meaningful social interactions.

Exploring these themes at university, I investigated the ways in which biophilic design could be used to help with issues surrounding urban loneliness; materialising into a research design project embedding an urban forest within a community programme of nature, art and play within a developing part of London.

Prior to joining the studio, my previous roles at Gensler and AHMM allowed me to gain design and delivery experience on projects at both the masterplan and building scale. I led a mixed-use masterplan competition that incorporated a number of biophilic design elements, such as productive roofscapes that allow residents to grow food organically, encouraging socialising, skill building and healthy eating.

At Studio Egret West, I am currently working on a large-scale masterplan in West London that has strong sustainability aspirations.