Valeriia Polianska

Visualisation Artist (Consultant)

First we shape the cities – then they shape us”

When I received my master's degree in urban planning from Lviv, Ukraine, I immediately moved from theory to practice. Lviv is an old city with a rich history and a large historical architectural area, and I worked on the design concepts for squares, parks, and various public spaces.

I believe that it is very important to always design with historical context in mind, celebrating the history of a space so that people can see, feel and remember it. My work aims to organically blend the past and the present, whereby history is showcased through modern architecture and landscape design.

I take inspiration a quote by Jan Gehl, that "first we shape the cities – then they shape us". I believe in the importance to create public spaces that improve lives, form pleasant memories and create comfort.

My favourite part of the design process is in creating the visuals for a concept, and when I create digital visualisations, I feel like an artist painting a picture. To bring soul and inspiration to my work is something I hope to always achieve.