Raluca Mirea

Senior Architect

Well-planned, beautiful public spaces provide the structure that enables cities to come to life.”

I have always looked for simplicity in architecture; a building that is timeless, a building that not only finds purpose in serving the end user but also adds a meaningful experience to people's lives. Elegance, utility and coherence are three characteristics to admire and work towards. Alongside them, come space, nature and light to complement successful design. I enjoy working on mixed-use residential projects and creating homes that bring a sense of physical and spiritual balance, where nature harmoniously intertwines with the space.

The relationship between interior and exterior needs to be a strong one, to the point where architecture is capable of dissolving the boundary created by walls. Beyond the building's envelope lies its environment, and looking at the building’s context is necessary in order to bring stability, harmony, historical value and engagement to the desired image of the place. Contextualism represents a bond between architecture and urban planning - an agreement between the new and the old to co-exist.

I fell in love with urban planning during my university years, and learned that well-planned, beautiful public spaces provide the structure that enables cities to come to life. The city's greatest attraction is its people, therefore a humane city where people are inspired and encouraged to experience it is something to aim for. A space has the power to become a place if it's sustainable, healthy, safe and lively, where communities have the ability to thrive.

My experience spans from large residential schemes and office building refurbishments to urban design projects. Team spirit is essential - you cannot play on your own, you need other players that have the same goal as you. For all the projects that I have been involved in, success was most apparent when urban design, architecture and landscape created a symbiotic relationship.