Aidan Cifelli

Landscape Architect

A commitment to a high quality and thoughtful design can improve people’s lives, build stronger communities, and create landscapes that are cherished for years to come.”

An important and often overlooked aspect of landscape architecture is the experiential nature of the design. How does it feel to move through a space and what emotion does this project onto the visitor?

All of these questions need to be considered when designing a landscape, and the emotions of the user will be what encourages them to relax, feel comfortable, and spend time in the space. During my studies I researched how experiential artists and sculptors use their artwork to elicit feelings and emotions, and how this can be applied towards landscape design.

For me, planting is a vital element of landscape design and one that, if utilised to its full extent, can completely change the character and feel of an area while introducing new, complex ecosystems of horticulture and wildlife.

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