Anna Pobozniak

Part II Architectural Assistant

Placemaking is not just about designing spaces; it's about infusing them with enthusiasm”

My journey has evolved from architecture to developing a profound interest in urban design. I firmly believe that a harmonious balance of both disciplines is needed to shape successful spaces and cities.

I am passionate about creating spaces that prioritise social engagement and the human experience. Beyond meeting mere aesthetic and functional criteria, I strive to create environments that play a pivotal role in uniting people and nurturing community well-being.

Having lived and studied in Poland, Scotland, Belgium and Denmark, I have encountered a wide range of architectural styles, urban environments, and cultural contexts. This diversity has equipped me with international perspectives and a flexible approach to design, which I believe is crucial when creating inclusive and engaging spaces for people from global backgrounds. Notably, my time in Denmark, and learning from Jan Gehl, significantly influenced my design ethos, reinforcing my commitment to shaping human-scale spaces that positively impact people's well-being and experiences.