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We are Studio Egret West.

We design and curate places with compelling narratives and identities, places that are firmly rooted in their context and grow naturally out of it. Places that cultivate sustainable communities, amplify nature, prioritise the public realm, and evolve over time.


Playable – Examining the role of play in the built environment for all ages.

Starting from the premise that play is first and foremost an attitude before it becomes an activity, this snapshot of Studio Egret West’s work demonstrates where play is an antidote to the rigid, repetitive actions of daily life. As our cities become denser, more efficient and now increasingly controlled due to the implications of the coronavirus pandemic, so too grows the imperative for our wellbeing to introduce impromptu opportunities to engage playfully with our surroundings.


latest News
Budapest3 Studio Egret West
Apr 29, 2021

Big Market Hall Budapest

Our concept designs revealed for a major retrofit of an iconic abandoned market hall...
Bx town model 2
Mar 18, 2021

Brent Cross Town fly-through

Argent Related's short film captures the model of the office buildings, new station and square as part of their new neighbourhood in North L...
SEW 1420 3
Mar 08, 2021

International Women's Day

On International Women's Day we would like to show our support for all those choosing to challenge gender bias and inequality in the UK and ...
Mar 03, 2021

Mayfield moves forward

Recent drone footage has captured the site progress at Mayfield Manchester, where construction of the city's first public park in 100 years ...