Jarrell Goh

Creative Designer & Photographer

Architectural designer, illustrator, digital visualiser, drone pilot, photographer, or filmmaker - every day brings a new surprise!”

It is difficult to pinpoint a job description which fully describes what I get up to at Studio Egret West, which is also the biggest reason why I love being here. Although starting in the role of a Part II Architectural Assistant, I spent a lot of my time getting involved in the weird and wonderful things happening around the Studio, whether illustrating schemes for press releases, coming up with rhyming scripts for exhibition films, or piloting drones for site photography. Someone recently introduced me to a client as the studio’s Swiss Army knife, and being recognised as someone who doesn’t quite fit into a standard job title did fill me with a little bit of pride.

I particularly enjoy image-making in all its forms, and love the challenge of making things look good. Photography has always been an obsession of mine, and after joining SEW in 2018, I initiated and set up the film and camera capabilities of the Studio, becoming the go-to person for any photography-related work. Fun fact: I took most of these pictures on the website, including all our team portraits!

When it comes down to architectural work, I have been most involved in the Digbeth redevelopment project, a 1.5 million sq ft mixed-use transformation of land around the Custard Factory in Birmingham. This involved working on the masterplan and concept designs, with the most enjoyable aspect being the production of visualisations and concept drawings.

I am proud to have been featured by the Architects' Journal as one of fourteen exceptional future architects in the 2021 New Talent awards, to which I am very thankful for all the support SEW has lent me and my 'unconventional' creative interests. My other cherished achievements include winning the 2019 Zumtobel Photographic Competition and being a finalist in the 2016 Furniture Design Awards.

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