Hattie Orr

Part II Architectural Assistant

My journey in architecture is driven by a commitment to creating sustainable and innovative design solutions that improve the quality of urban life.”

I am inspired by the outdoors, nature, and art. These elements fuel my creativity and drive my passion for innovative urban design frameworks that address future challenges through thoughtful and sustainable design.

I began my journey at Studio Egret West in 2021 while pursuing my Part II Master’s studies at The London School of Architecture. During my time there, I developed a keen interest in innovative urban design and strategic frameworks. My education at The Bartlett School of Architecture and The London School of Architecture focused on exploring ways to tackle future challenges through design. My master’s thesis delved into integrating air quality concerns into architectural and urban design principles, proposing actionable recommendations and a design code aimed at improving and creating clean air spaces for children in urban environments.

One of the key SEW projects I have worked on is the regeneration of Lewisham Shopping Centre in London for Land Securities. As part of the design team, I was involved in coordination and design, contributing to the Hybrid Planning Application, which includes a masterplan framework for approximately 1,700 homes and 300,000 sqft of commercial use.

Outside of architecture, I am passionate about sports and exercise. I spent most of my school and university years competing nationally and internationally in team sports. I love running, cycling, and the thrill of competition. Additionally, I have a deep love for art and spend all my free time experimenting with different mediums, from painting and pottery to sewing my own clothes and lino printing. Creating handmade gifts is one of my favourite pastimes!