Employee Ownership Trust

Studio Egret West… It’s in the name. Whilst Egret and West founded the practice, Studio comes first.

In 2020, the ownership of Studio Egret West was transferred to a newly formed Employee Ownership Trust.

Becoming an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) has enabled the different voices of the Studio to generate creative solutions to our industry’s many challenges. We see the EOT as the best platform to sustain a continued culture of creativity within the Studio and to allow all involved to participate in the potential commercial reward for many years to come.

As part of the trust, all of our employees are represented at board level through two employee trustee directors, alongside founding directors Christophe Egret and David West and an independent director. The trust is also supported by an Employee Forum, through which employee voices can be heard, and a Studio Charter, which captures the guiding principles of our practice. Through the Employee Ownership Trust, we are pleased to be able to reflect the individual commitment and ambition of all our staff by sharing in any future success.

We want to evolve the Studio as a place that nurtures creativity. A place with social conscience as well as artistic purpose. An open minded place that embraces serendipity. A successful place that is capable of turning a profit whilst still being pioneering. We are most definitely a Studio not an Office!

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