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We're a mix of urban designers, architects, landscape architects, graphic designers, model makers, film makers, and more. So we’re all an expert at something and a novice at something else. That keeps the conversation flowing and the ideas coming. We have a lot in common, but it’s our differences that make our Studio the intensely social, productive place it is.

Gwyn Jones

Becoming a Conservation Architect

Gwyn Jones discusses his recent accreditation, a culmination of a career working with existing buildings.

by Gwyn Jones
Senior Architect


Examining the role of play in the built environment for all ages.

Tommy Clark

Designing for Health and Wellbeing at Digbeth

We're providing more diversity to building uses as well as community focussed activities within the public realm.

by Tommy Clark
Wei Wen

Food Future

What might the future of our food industry look like?

by Wei Wen
Part II Architectural Assistant

Crafting a Sustainable Community for Digbeth

Creating a strong sense of place

David West

The Urban Tree

LFA's 30 Objects in 30 Days

by David West
Founding Director
Lucas Lawrence

The Future of Workplace?

We already have part of the answer.

by Lucas Lawrence
Company Director

Well Worked


Cecilia Lindström Lucas Lawrence

Well Worked


by Cecilia Lindström
Associate Director
by Lucas Lawrence
Company Director
Christophe Egret

Second Lives

Second Lives is one of Studio Egret West's key place making principles

by Christophe Egret
Founding Director

Love Our Colleges X Love Your High Street

A Framework for Horniman

Developing a vision for the future of the Museum and Gardens