Jackson Ng

Part II Architectural Assistant

Architecture has a responsibility to engage with and instigate dialogue”

When joining Studio Egret West, I felt immediately immersed in the happy, productive and stimulating culture. My experience working on the detailed design of Erith Hill Primary School, a circular shaped academy located on a former quarry, was driven by a strong desire to curate delightful and memorable spaces for learning and playing.

Post-digital age, materiality, civic culture and storytelling are topics I enjoy exploring, particularly within the field of architecture. During my MArch studies I investigated public, political participation in the post-digital context of Hong Kong. The proposed 'phygital' augmented reality forum network introduced citizens to heterotopic spatial encounters that encourage discourses and sense of belonging to the city.

I care about engaging with the incredible stories rooted across different places and believe that architecture has a responsibility to engage with and instigate dialogues that nurture intimacy and reveal the essence of our communities. I feel privileged to narrate and realise numerous spaces and interventions across the studio portfolio, alongside fellow inspiring minds that share an ambition to enhance people's lives and create compelling memories.