Jonathan Pang


My passion lies in architectural narratives and its socio-political impact on the built environment, alongside the interplay of materiality and tectonics.”

After relocating to London from Hong Kong – I sought out a milieu that would ignite my creativity and leverage my skills and experiences. My years across international design-led practices in both cities have equipped me with a breadth of experiences in residential and mixed-use projects across different contexts and cultures.

I thrive on taking ownership of my work, and I value open dialogue and constructive criticism, believing that thoughtful discourse cultivates good architecture. Seeing my designs realised through drawings and visuals fuels my passion for the intricate and captivating processes of space-making.

I enjoy meandering through streets and discovering the magic of everyday moments – otherwise a good game of pool, or the comfort of a rainy day spent in a cosy pub, offers equal solace.