Lukas Kurik

Senior Architect

Architectural beauty intertwines curated restraint with artful detailing.”

Having lived and worked in the Czech Republic, Denmark, and Melbourne, I now consider the UK my home. Each country has contributed to distinct chapters of my life, not only adding layers to my professional portfolio but also enriching my understanding of diverse design philosophies.

My architectural design portfolio primarily focuses on residential design, but it extends its reach to include hotels, offices, and interior spaces. Guided by a design aesthetic that balances restraint with meticulous detailing, I hold a profound admiration for well-considered and thoughtful design. I draw inspiration from the serenity of Japanese minimalism and the disciplined lines of Italian Rationalist architecture.

Throughout my professional journey, I've gained invaluable insights from leading design reviews in previous practices. This experience has cultivated a deep commitment to refining the craft of architectural expression — a dedication that extends to my current role within the Building Excellence steering group at Studio Egret West. Here, I actively contribute to raising the standard of design quality within the studio, applying my experiences to the ongoing pursuit of design excellence.