Joseph Thomas

Landscape Architect

Water is a fascinating design element, possessing dynamic qualities that uplift and enhance landscape design.”

Originating from India, I am a qualified architect with three years of valuable work experience on projects spanning across Asia. The diverse cities and cultures I've engaged with have been instrumental in shaping my design thinking and fostering a sensitivity to every line I draw.

In 2018, my interests in natural landscapes led me to pursue a Masters in Landscape Architecture in Politecnico di Milano, and I have practised as a Landscape Architect since.

Through my professional journey, I've honed my ability to explore the confluence between the built environment and nature. As a designer and nature enthusiast, I find profound fascination in the natural element of water and aspire to responsibly integrate it into my design process.

Being part of various design teams over the years, my consistent theme revolves around bringing natural heritage into every project. I've successfully contributed to the realisation of diverse projects, including Bangalore’s Titan Integrity Campus, and London’s Devonshire Square and The Stage Shoreditch. I am eager to continue contributing to projects that harmonise the built and natural environments, and make a positive impact on the landscapes we inhabit.