Lydia Whitehouse


I'm drawn to projects that seek to reconnect isolated communities to the city”

For me, the best things about working in architecture are about continuing to learn about the places around me, one at a time.

There is something immensely satisfying about digging into the social and physical history of places to comprehend their character, as well as exploring new ways to better appreciate their identity today. During my career I have learnt the value of truly genuine engagement with communities to understand the soul of a place. This inspires my creative output. I love drawing abstract maps of an area’s favourite local shops or simply getting lost on site visits as ‘part of the process’. Some may find these ideas unusual, but the aim is always to understand what makes somewhere special. There’s nothing quite like exploring new places with a group of architects and designers.

Studio Egret West’s bigger-picture approach to placemaking chimes with me - my interest in urbanism has manifested itself in my design work through projects rooted in their wider context. Generally, I find myself drawn to projects that seek to reconnect isolated communities back to the city - investigating the impacts of spatial separation with the goal of making places that work for everyone. During my studies, this fascination led to me explore the historic and current planning policies of Sheffield and Birmingham, as well as the impact of colonial planning in Marrakech. Today, I apply these ideas to real projects, allowing my love for cities to hopefully create far-reaching benefits that positively affect the lives of many.

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