Gianluca Berardi

Urban Designer

Studio Egret West, a yellow studio with a multicultural environment and diverse disciplines, is the perfect place to learn and exchange skills.”

Coming to the UK and joining the Studio is one of the biggest changes of my lifetime. I graduated with a master’s degree in Architecture and Town Planning from Bari, Italy. Bari is my home town, where most structures are made out of stone and the city plan is an orthogonal grid facing the sea.

I have always valued the need for continued dialogue between different opinions and expertise. This is reflective of my professional experience in different offices and with a variety of teams across several countries. I particularly consider the way architecture interacts with its surroundings and being at the service of society, from the individual to the community. These concepts guide every move and decision along the process of my projects.

In my professional work, I always try to combine my ideals with practical matters. I have gained expertise in developing multi-phase projects with a variety of scales of intervention. A large focus of my work is researching procedures to optimize the design process in terms of automation, organization and software technology, taking particular care of a project and its process.