Deimante Bazyte

Architect & Digital Lead

I have a passion for creating unique spatial atmospheres.”

Standing in an empty theatre hall and looking at a dimly lit stage arrangement that I‘d just built, was when my passion for creating unique spatial atmospheres began.

After years of architectural education and experience with leading industry professionals in London, I found myself in Copenhagen, deepening my understanding of architectural space, perception and detail at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Alongside my studies I had a chance to work with theatre designs once again, learning further about spatial manipulation and cognition accompanied with newest technological aftereffects.

With hopes for more impactful work, I joined Studio Egret West, where my ideas of spectacular spaces were merged with strong sense of context – all to create unique and memorable places. Here I’ve worked on both visions for competitions and details of construction projects, each time helping both fellow architects and clients to better visualise and understand projects’ potential. Currently working on SEW's first Virtual Reality explorations, I hope to pursue further with progressive designs, driven by thorough spatial understanding… and a dash of drama.

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