Andrew Furzeland

Senior Urban Designer

Vibrant urban spaces are crafted through the interplay of visionary ideas and the elegance of simplicity.”

I am deeply committed to exploring the intricate relationship between architecture and placemaking, drawing upon both my professional experiences and educational background in Architecture and Town Planning.

Having worked extensively between early-stage masterplan concepts through to late-stage technical designs, I am familiar with balancing the visionary aspects of urban planning with the precision and functionality required in the later stages of building construction. My knowledge across these stages enables me to navigate the complexities of a project with a nuanced understanding, contributing towards seeing ideas through from inception to completion.

A noteworthy project with Studio Egret West involves Lewisham's town centre, which adopts a 'place-led' approach with a meadow landscape at its heart. This approach prioritises the local community, encapsulating the character of Lewisham through proposals for new, accessible public spaces — a manifestation of my design ethos for community-centric design.

Among my achievements in previous practices, I contributed significantly to the award-winning Design District in Greenwich and the Ebury Bridge Estate in Westminster. These projects underscore my continued dedication to shaping vibrant environments that stand as testaments to thoughtful and enduring urban design.

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