Lina Braouch

Landscape Architect

Landscape architecture is about finding the balance between poetic ambitions and practical buildability.”

Growing up near Paris in a small town on the River Seine, I pursued my studies in landscape architecture at ENSP Versailles, and fine art at Ecole Boulle in Paris. Over the next years, I gained valuable experience as a landscape architect, working in various multidisciplinary practices across France and the UK.

After I moved to London in 2020, I worked at Jinny Blom on private garden estates, and at Jon Sheaff & Associates on public realm schemes and playgrounds. Seeking new avenues for growth, I joined the team at SEW to further hone my skills through an intuitive and collaborative creative process.

Hand drawing is my favourite tool, and I love stretching between high-level concepts to the fiddliest of construction details. Beyond work, I am an avid practitioner of modern dance techniques such as Graham and Horton, which I have pursued for over 20 years. Drawing from my dance background, I place a strong emphasis on the human body in landscape design, focusing on enhancing experiences, materiality, and atmosphere.