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Establishing a unique destination and positive street experience for Maidenhead.
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Establishing a unique destination and positive street experience for Maidenhead.


Maidenhead sits in the Thames Valley to the west of Greater London in what is often referred to as the Western Corridor. Like Slough, Reading and Hayes, the large market town benefits from its proximity to London and Heathrow Airport, and has become an ideal location for businesses and residents alike, with the arrival of Crossrail spurring a number of key developments within the town centre, including our proposals, The Landing.

Maidenhead, UK
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Hybrid planning application approved
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The site today contains a mix of building types along its perimeter with an un-built area at its centre
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View from station approach towards the existing retail and office space

The Landing occupies a 9 acre site and is set to transform the future of Maidenhead, acting as a transition piece between the existing town centre and future development around the station.

Working for developer Hub and landowner Smedvig, and following a wide-ranging programme of public engagement and consultation, our consented framework vision comprises 519 high quality homes, 56,300 sqft of office space and 36,600 sq ft of retail, leisure and workspace. We’re also delivering 27,000sqft of communal space, with a new Garden Square at the heart of the scheme.

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Illustrative framework plan

At all times we’ve held recognisance for the adjacent conservation area, and we’ve made sure that the scale and appearance of the new buildings respect and enhance this historic character. We’re also carving new connections throughout the site, with these new routes improving permeability and helping to stitch The Landing back into the existing urban grain where it will become a unique destination within Maidenhead, and establish a positive street experience for residents and visitors alike.

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CGI view from station approach towards The Landing, where the gateway office building's textured terracotta cladding is inspired by Coopers Brick and Tile Works which was once based in Maidenhead


In developing our detailed designs for The Landing, we’ve worked with local artist Kirsty Brooks to ensure the buildings feel rooted in the rich history of the town through material and colour choices as well as specific art works. The predominant palette of bricks and terracotta tiles in subtly varying hues is inspired by the geological composition of Maidenhead, with accent textiles such as coated metal and glazed tile. Meanwhile, an articulated and varied skyline brings distinctiveness to the scheme, whilst also making reference to the traditional warehouse rooflines which were once common place in Maidenhead throughout the different brewery buildings.

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The refined and coherent palette of materials
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CGI view from conservation area

At street level we’re working as landscape architects to craft a high quality public realm, with the new Garden Square offering an oasis of nature with opportunities for informal play and pop up events. This predominantly green public space is characterised by interesting non-native tree species and a textured understorey of verdant planting arranged in a natural composition.

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Garden Square concept sketch

The ground floor spaces of the various buildings will enjoy views out over the square, with clusters of outdoor dining areas arranged amongst the planting. Pedestrian routes sweep through the garden and meander rather than follow straight lines, whilst the sites perimeter streets are designed to be uncluttered pedestrian spaces, using high quality adoptable materials to tie in with the wider public realm material strategy for Maidenhead Town Centre.

Stepping up from the Garden Square, a series of podium and roof gardens will provide communal amenity for The Landing’s future residents, with planting used to contain and enclose these spaces to create comfortable environments surrounded by nature.

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Illustrative view of the podium and rooftop gardens

These private green amenities are aiding our commitment to delivering high quality homes, where we are incorporating dual aspect facing frontages wherever possible, and designing the internal accommodation to maximise orientation and daylight as well as provide spacious open plan living, dining and kitchens to meet the needs of contemporary living.

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CGI view from Garden Square


Through the provision of employment opportunities and new community facilities, along with carefully designed homes, we are providing a chance to live within the town centre while taking advantage of the soon to open Crossrail link from the nearby Maidenhead station. We’re also ensuring we are delivering an inclusive environment that meets the needs of all potential users, including at ground level where we’ve crafted an accessible public realm to ameliorate the level changes across the site, with a careful application of materials and seating that is integrated into the landscape.

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Material interface diagrams for the public realm
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The site currently has low ecological value and through our landscape proposals we are aiming to achieve a net gain in biodiversity via the creation of numerous new habitats. Extensive soft landscaping proposals at both ground and roof levels will be a notable increase in urban greening, whilst a drainage strategy is targeting a 50% reduction in run-off from the site using a combination of Sustainable Drainage Systems.

0309 Building C Queen Street
The commercial elements of the scheme are on target to achieve a BREEAM Very Good rating

The Landing also adopts a sustainability strategy which promotes a fabric first philosophy to reduce energy consumption. We’re proposing passive energy saving measures which will exceed Part L 2013, whilst the design of the new homes ensures healthy internal living environments are created for all occupants, with a maximum residential water use rate of 120 litres/ person/day achieved through efficient bathroom fittings.

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