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Hayes Park


Transforming the iconic, now vacant, Heinz Headquarters (designed by Gordon Bunshaft), back into active use through conversion to residential.
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Transforming the iconic, now vacant, Heinz Headquarters (designed by Gordon Bunshaft), back into active use through conversion to residential.


Working closely with Historic England and alongside Shall Do Hayes Development, Studio Egret West has developed a scheme that, via a ‘heritage led’ conversion from workplace to residential, provides a second life for Hayes Park Central (former research laboratories) and Hayes Park South (administrative headquarters). The two buildings sit within generous parkland and are part of a wider former business park known as ‘Hayes Park’.

The two iconic buildings, now both Grade II Listed, were originally designed by American Architect Gordon Bunshaft of SOM in 1960s as high specification corporate offices and research laboratories for HJ Heinz UK Limited. In recent years the buildings have become vacant and unfeasible to market as workplace premises which led to a change of use being granted from workplace to residential.

London Borough of Hillingdon, UK
Shall Do Hayes Development
Masterplanner, Architect & Landscape Architect
Planning Submitted 2023
The noted American corporate architect Gordon Bunshaft designed the Administration Building, Hayes Park South (HPS), and the Research Laboratory, Hayes Park Central (HPC) in 1961-2.
Gordon Bunshaft
Conposed 01
Illustration of key 'conservation led' design principles.


A number of ‘conservation-led’ design principles helped shape our proposals:

A Second life as residential dwellings
Sustainable adaptive reuse of the office buildings to make new homes.

Enhancing the setting within the landscape
Amplifying the landscape to enhance the setting of the listed buildings.

Conserving the building form
Retain the spatial hierarchy with a concrete frame and inset glazing as designed by Bunshaft.

Cleaning and repairing the external materials
Carry out a condition survey for the facade elements.

Enhancing the entry sequence
Ensure a clear view from the entry door to the landscape beyond.

Reinstating the reflective pool, island and tree

Preserving an open plan communal space
Clear glazed open plan setting for residential lobbies and communal rooms.

HISM Egret West Hayes Park View 04 Courtyard 05
View showing homes overlooking the Hayes Park South courtyard with the reinstated reflective pool, island and trees.
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The reflective water feature was a significant design feature by Bunshaft. The pool with a small island and a Magnolia tree again displayed his concern for nature and has elements of Japanese culture as noted in a number of texts on Bunshaft. The proposal will reinstate the island, ornamental tree and part of the water feature and take further influence from minimalist Japanese garden design. The pool, island and tree, will act as a focal point to connect residents with each other and nature.


The proposals have been developed alongside advice from specialist consultants to ensure the building fabric, acoustics, energy performance and fire regulations meet or exceed current regulations.

Our proposals provide a 'second life' for these iconic buildings with a long-term sustainable use that will ensure the buildings are protected and celebrated for years to come.

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View of the estate road approach to Hayes Park Central and South.
HISM Egret West Hayes Park View 01 golden hour front adjusted
West elevation of Hayes Park South
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The form of the external concrete frame is claimed to be based on the bending moment diagram, with the hinge points defining points of contra-flexure. These high quality sculptural forms were pre-cast and finished with Cornish Granite to provide a uniform finish.
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View of new Hayes Park Central courtyard.
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View of the corner of Hayes Park Central.