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Studio Egret West has transformed an 8600 sq ft (800 sqm) outdated cellular workspace into a temporary new open desk and “Brandspace” for our long-term collaborators U+I.
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Studio Egret West has transformed an 8600 sq ft (800 sqm) outdated cellular workspace into a temporary new open desk and “Brandspace” for our long-term collaborators U+I.


In December 2021, Landsec completed the purchase of U+I prompting the need for a new space for a new group of regeneration specialists to convene.

Located on the 6th floor of Landsec’s 100 Victoria Street, the brief was to create a temporary workspace, bold in aesthetic, to provide an 80-strong team with an immediate home that would reflect the innovative and forward-thinking remit of the newly assembled group.

The Studio Egret West team, with a limited construction budget, were asked to re-use and recycle materials and furniture wherever possible against a 2-month programme from concept to occupation. This involved an inventory of salvageable materials from the strip-out and U+I’s wider estate.

London Borough of Westminster

Interior Design
Completed September 2022
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A key feature of the space is the ‘ribbon’ of expose storage space that weaves through the workspace. In its vibrant oranges and blues, it ties together the meeting spaces, desk areas and bar, whilst forming a practical display area, providing useful storage space, and integrated planters to promote biophilia.
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The storage unit was built from repurposed materials that were saved from the strip out including door panels and metal studs.
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Snug areas provide space for impromptu meetings between colleagues.
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Historic U+I site models were saved from the skip, upended and painted in a vibrant orange, whilst the blue ‘flecked’ Smile plastic worktops are made from 100% recycled plastic.
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Behind the desk is a fun flicker board, from the business’s previous office at Howick Place - used for inspiring messages and updates on what is happening in the world.
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An immediate message of ‘re-use and recycle’ is encapsulated with the ‘up-cycling’ of U+I’s Howick Place reception desk which was cut down to fit in its new ceiling height.


Studio Egret West assisted the client to develop the brief to include a bar/kitchen and event space for up to 80 people, 48 permanent desk spaces, exhibition spaces, a variety of flexible spaces and meeting rooms, and a functional storage wall formed from re-used materials from the strip-out.

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The bar and kitchen area, an important social hub for the workspace, is formed from a modular stage from Howick Place.
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In the breakout area adjacent to the bar, the remaining two stage sections continue to be used for a stage for ‘Town Hall’ presentations and events.
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Kitchen cupboards - formed from original cupboards and locker fronts, from the strip-out, have been combined with leftover birch reclaimed from site at Morden Wharf, a U+I project on the Greenwich Peninsula.’
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The kitchen counter-tops and butterfly joints are formed from offcuts of Foresso “Timber Terrazzo”; a resin bound decorative finish fabricated using recycled timber. Off-cut sheets of different sizes have been templated to optimise material use.
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Other materials used for the bar include key-clamps and mesh which can be easily recycled at the end of life.
02 GG 8002
Retro Coca-Cola vending machine.
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The kitchen splash back is formed from historic glass tiles, reclaimed from the old municipal fruit and veg market in Brighton on the former site of what is now Circus Street - one of the business’s latest.


The design approach for “Brandspace” was developed on the ethos of reusing and recycling.

A careful strip-out of existing materials allowed plasterboard to be reused, existing doors to be re-purposed as carcasses, 6mm ply substrate to be re-purposed as wall patressing, and painted metsec channels redistributed to form a ribbon of exposed structure which ties together meeting spaces, an inhabitable storage wall, and kitchen and event area.

“Brandspace” utilised existing loose furniture from the former U+I estate to inform the colourway of the design, and incorporated waste materials from some of its developments including glass tiles re-purposed for the kitchen area and an old stage turned into cabinets and a kitchen bar.

New materials introduced to the project sought to celebrate the movement of circular economy design in material evolution. The work surfaces in the kitchen/bar are made of Foresso timber terrazzo – a stunning and innovative new material formed from 65% waste timber chips. Other surfaces throughout the workspace use Smile plastic sheets formed from 100% recycled plastic. In the break-out areas, quirky Biohm obscura lampshades have been selected – they are formed from discarded coffee grinds. Other recycled materials and products are used wherever possible.

12 months into the space being occupied, ‘Brandspace’ is well and truly home to the newly named company LandsecU+I and will continue to evolve as its temporary space - showcasing an example of reduce, re-use & recycle whilst also delivering an exemplar workspace.

We wanted a new, sustainably-led place to gather as a team, a place that reused our old furniture and ‘stuff’ that had been collected over the years that we’d become rather fond of. A space that told our story as a regeneration company busy across the UK changing towns and cities for the better, helping communities to thrive. This project has been an undoubted success for us. Studio Egret West has created an exciting, colourful and well thought out work place for our new colleagues to connect.”
Sam Jarrett
Head of Marketing, LandsecU+I
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‘From, Now, On’ (a reminder of the business’ role in shaping the future) is projected in bold colours as large-scale graphics covering the 3 no. formal meeting rooms.
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An eclectic mix of retro and contemporary furniture from U+I’s former offices fill break-out space - complete with a DJ booth and vinyl collection. Across the break-out areas and bar, coffee chaff and orange peel “Obscure” lampshades by Biohm have been used, and formed from a from either a coffee or orange discard based organic refuse-biocompound.
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Other informal break-out areas are positioned in the corners of the floor-plates to maximise natural light with views across the city scape and space for pin-ups and display.