AI everywhere, all at once

24 May - 01 September 2023
Studio Showroom, 3 Brewhouse Yard London, EC1V 4JQ
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AI, or artificial intelligence, is exponentially advancing and has become increasingly accessible and all-engulfing. The speed of development in AI appears to create both a sense of nervousness and excitement, and makes it seem like AI is everywhere, all at once.

It is no longer a technology restricted to the realms of science fiction, but an integral part of our existence, permeating every aspect of modern society. Everyone is familiar with the term “AI”, but not many realise that it is an umbrella that includes many different strands of technology. From data management to assisted design tools, we are creating a future with increasing dependence on AI technology.

At Studio Egret West, we are curious and optimistic about the possibilities to integrate AI into our design processes. Our Co-CreAIte exhibition showcases not-so-distant futures where designers seamlessly collaborate with AI, and we are encouraged by the powerful combination of human expertise with AI tool assistance that leads to increasingly informed, inclusive and imaginative design outcomes.

We do not see AI as a threat to the design profession. Instead, we see it as a powerful technology that can be used to extend our creativity, foster engagement, and explore scenarios that accelerate beyond the immediately imaginable. While the appeal of AI is evident, it also raises many new questions, such as authorship, data bias, and if the technology is developing ethically.

To gather our thoughts, Co-CreAIte names eight principles that we believe will prove important in successful human-AI co-creation: Parameters, Prediction, Performance, Play, Programming, Participation, Phantasy and Pause.

Visit our Clerkenwell exhibition showroom
to view the exhibition, which also showcases interactive AI installations by Studio Egret West and computational artist Freddie Hong.

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Studio Egret West
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Exhibition Lead
Deima Bazyte
AI Lead
Bodhi Horton
Computational Artist
Freddie Hong
Research Team
Isabella West
Deima Bazyte
Bodhi Horton
Dominic Ramli-Davies
Graphic and Exhibition Design
Jarrell Goh
Sophie Cresswell
Jarrell Goh
Opening Night AI Menu
Chef Danny Jack
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