Nov 22, 2023

Lime Wood Primary School in Erith, Bexley – Opening ceremony

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Earlier this month we had the pleasure of attending Lime Wood Primary School’s official opening. This three-form primary school is part of a new neighbourhood which when complete will include 650 homes and a new ecological park. The school sits at the highest, most prominent point of Erith Quarry and will become the focal point of the emerging community.

The school’s pure circular footprint is embedded into the landscape, elevated above terraced communal spaces. The circular shape maximises natural daylight and ventilation, and provides flexibility of space that allows a wide curriculum of teaching areas, multipurpose halls, and a music and drama studio. It also provides space for a central, external courtyard, which creates a secure sanctuary for both play and outdoor learning.

We look forward to be able to share more photography in the coming months…

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Lime Wood Primary School in Erith, Bexley – Opening ceremony