Apr 29, 2021

Big Market Hall Budapest

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Budapest3 Studio Egret West
Our concept designs revealed for a major retrofit of an iconic abandoned market hall

Studio Egret West, in collaboration with the Hungary based architectural practice Robert Gutowski, recently submitted concept designs as part of an open international competition for a major retrofit of Budapest’s iconic abandoned market halls, known locally as Nagyvásártelep, which are earmarked to become a new sports and recreational events space.

Budapest9 Studio Egret West The abandoned market hall today

When contemplating the potential of this project, we were first struck by the raw, resilient majesty of the 10,000 m2 Big Market Hall, graffiti and all. Then, the scale of the surrounding brownfield area that is in such transition, followed by the significant project ambitions for the Budapest Student City.

Budapest2 Studio Egret West

Our ensuing concept design interweaves the site with three complimentary flows: River, Park and People, and creates a symbiosis of old and new; a harmonious ensemble of architecture and landscape; of inside and outside.

Budapest1 Studio Egret West

We inhabited the Big Market Hall with a new multi layered, sloping terrain, an internal landscape that frames new platforms for performance and play, whilst also delivering a 6,000m2 office building and a 3,000m2 student residence on either side of the Hall. These elements benefit from high level connections that seamlessly connect the journey through the Big Market Hall.

Budapest4 Studio Egret West

The project, backed by the Budapest Development Agency, is part of a masterplan by Snøhetta which aims to transform the surrounding Budapest South Gate area into a new student and mixed-use residential district.

Our submission was awarded Third Prize. Congratulations to the winners, Bivak Studio, and the second place Deichler Jakob, both from Budapest.

A special thank you to Factory Fifteen for helping us to bring the vision to life through their visualisations.

Budapest6 Studio Egret West
Budapest7 Studio Egret West
Budapest5 Studio Egret West
Budapest10 Studio Egret West
Budapest8 Studio Egret West
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Big Market Hall Budapest