Mar 18, 2021

Brent Cross Town fly-through

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Argent Related's short film captures the model of the office buildings, new station and square as part of their new neighbourhood in North London.

Brent Cross Town for Argent Related launches a pioneering new business ecosystem, and has pledged to deliver a net zero carbon town by 2030, creating healthy working environments and supporting the sustainability agendas of its occupiers. The first three buildings are positioned around a new main square and adjacent to the entrance of the new Brent Cross West station - the latter being designed by Studio Egret West - that will be completed in 2022.

Number 4 is Brent Cross Town’s beacon timber-framed building designed by Studio Egret West, providing 250,000 sq ft of thoughtfully considered, flexible and well-lit floorplates, with a top-floor ‘lantern’ feature and a generous wrap-around rooftop balcony with panoramic views over the city. If required, Number 4 can connect to the neighbouring Number 3 office building by shedkm to provide c. 500,000 sq ft of space, with expansive c. 45,000 sq ft floorplates. Their position at the gateway to Brent Cross Town suits major organisations with an outward-looking focus who value easy links to both central London and the rest of the UK.

In bringing together the wider vision for Brent Cross Town, Argent Related and Barnet Council have established plans for 6,700 homes, workspace for 25,000 employees, shops, restaurants, leisure, culture and events space as well as 14,000m2 of indoor sports facilities and 20ha of parks. There will also be student accommodation and the redevelopment of three local schools.

Film by Argent Related, and model by Pipers Model Makers and Stickman.

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''We believe the future of great work lies in collaboration, and that our cities need to provide high-quality space for employees and businesses to come together. Brent Cross Town will be created to enable a better work-life balance, to encourage active and outdoor lifestyles, while providing places for innovation, mentoring and meeting of minds that cannot be achieved working from home. We remain confident in the requirement for physical office space that can flex and evolve with the requirements of its occupiers.”

Nick Searl Partner of Argent Related and Joint-Lead of Brent Cross Town


Brent Cross Town fly-through