Dec 05, 2023

AMP Northampton

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The first stage of engagement for Amp Northampton, amplifying the opportunity at Greyfriars, is now live.

The engagement is part of the development of Studio Egret West and West Northamptonshire Council’s masterplan for the Greyfriars area of Northampton which includes Belgrave House, Mayorhold Multi Storey Car Park, Victoria Street Car Park, the Corn Exchange and the site of the former bus station. The website, designed by Deetu, goes through the themes that have informed the emerging vision:

  • Creativity
  • Nature
  • Play
  • Linkages
  • Living
  • Sustainability

After the storyboard, there is the opportunity to fill in a survey which will then be used to inform the masterplan which we will showcase as part of another round of engagement in the Spring.

Please visit to find out more.

0452 Greyfriars Sketch 01 Ladys Lane Park
Lady's Lane Park
0452 Greyfriars Sketch 02 Eastern Island
Eastern Island
0452 Greyfriars Sketch 03 AM Pitheatre
0452 Greyfriars Sketch 12 Emporium Way Creativity
Emporium Way
0452 Greyfriars Sketch 13 Later Living 02
Later living
Greyfriars Freddie Aerial white back Aerial view


AMP Northampton