Sep 07, 2023

A Summer of young talent…

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Work Experience 2 Manuela
As Summer draws to a close, with some beautiful last minute actual sun, we take a look back over the young talent we have had in the studio over the past few months.

Studio Egret West is great supporters of nurturing the next generation of designers across its disciplines in Urban Design, Architecture, Landscape & Graphic Design. Throughout the year we welcome work experience students into our studio for a week’s experience. Over the Summer months, this intensifies and we have at least one student per week!

A member of the studio is always assigned to a student to act as a mentor for the week. Together they work through all aspects of the design process, from working to a brief and site analysis through to sketching, 3D rendering and physical model building. At the end of their week, they get to present back to the studio in a friendly and open pitch presentation forum.

Here’s some of the highlights:

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Work Experience 2 Manuela
Work Experience Manuela

"Mentoring work experience students over the holidays has provided a source of great pleasure and professional fulfillment for everyone involved at Studio Egret West. It's an opportunity to share knowledge, inspire creativity, and foster the growth of the aspiring architects that come to visit us. Their enthusiasm, curiosity, and growth in confidence shines through when they proudly present their individual design projects to the Studio. Guiding them through the intricacies of architectural schemes, iterative design processes, and a variety of graphical and physical representation methods not only imparts valuable skills to the keen students, but also revitalises one's own views and ideas in the field. Moreover, for everyone at Studio Egret West, mentoring instills a sense of responsibility and satisfaction in contributing to the next generation of architects. In such a short space of time, the development of their professional and communicative skill set is so evident, preparing them for similar experiences in their future careers."

- Harry Henderson (Part II Architectural Assistant)

"I worked with a range of students over the summer, helping them to realise their designs through a series of model making techniques. We explored their ideas through a variety of mediums, pushing and challenging the students to translate their thoughts from basic drawings into physical representations."

- Jonathan Slaughter (Model Maker)


A Summer of young talent…