Aug 29, 2023

EOT Directors: newly appointed

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EOT Directors
Tara Hiley and Chris Manning have been appointed as the next EOT Directors to join the board at Studio Egret West.

In 2020, the ownership of Studio Egret West was transferred to a newly formed Employee Ownership Trust.

Becoming an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) has enabled the different voices of the Studio to generate creative solutions to our industry’s many challenges. We see the EOT as the best platform to sustain a continued culture of creativity within the studio and to allow all involved to participate in the potential commercial reward for many years to come.

EOT Directors are appointed from within the studio by the studio to sit on the board and help steer the direction of the business. James Cook and Lucy Head were the EOT’s first Directors. Over the summer, they have now been succeeded by Tara Hiley and Chris Manning whose tenure will last for 18 months.

We wish them all the luck and support. They’ll smash it – we know they will!


EOT Directors: newly appointed