Framing Serendipity

Studio Egret West's First book Framing Serendipity marks 12 years of leading the high quality crafting of places through the symbiosis of memorable architecture, strategic urban design and ecology-driven landscape.

15 November – 12 December, 2017
Studio Showroom, 3 Brewhouse Yard London, EC1V 4JQ
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It is an idiosyncratic response to the challenge of mixed-use, higher-density neighbourhoods in an undeniably turbulent period of political, social and economic unrest.

In this book and this exhibition, architect Chrisophe Egret and urban designer David West share their insights and anecdotes about Studio practice and propose ingredients needed for socially responsible cities. Traditional architectural thinking is so often based on logic and predictability, repetition and rhythm. Through the Studio's fundamental mindset, it is shown that the serendipitous is in itself a valid form of research and design development.

The liberally illustrated book, designed and produced in-house, is divided into ten themes. These explain the Studio's philosophy and approach to place making. Each chapter ends with a 'conversation' led by journalist and author Zoe Williams. These conversations are aligned with case studies from the practice that demonstrate the importance of design across all scales for nurturing a responsive environment. Amnda Baillieu of Archiboo wrote the case studies.

The exhibition showcases the book – it's principles, conversations and case studies – and also many of the physical models that have been made over the last 12 years to explore the potential of different places and the interventions that the Studio has proposed, always iteratively evolved through plenty of conversation.

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Malene Igland
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Framing Serendipity