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Strategy & Specificity

From the wide angle to the close up


Strategic frameworks and specific interventions – these are equally important to us, and you can’t have one without the other. We’re constantly changing our focus, zooming in and then out again and moving easily between our many different ways of seeing.

Once we look beyond the ‘red-line boundaries’ – the edges of political responsibility, professional remit, ownership or geography – we see the connections. By erasing these and working together across disciplines, we can begin to imagine the potential. We’ll have brought the different elements back together – urban strategy and architectural identity, narrative poetry and lived experience. To achieve real change, we have to step out of our professional silos and our immediate surroundings. It’s never just about a specific building; it’s always about place.

Cotton Quay Studio Egret West Image 6
Cotton Quay
Clapham One Studio Egret West Image 1
Clapham One
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Erith Studio Egret West Image 1
Mayfield Studio Egret West Image 23