Jamar Rock

Part II Architectural Assistant

My professional trajectory has been shaped by a diverse array of experiences, spanning the idyllic shores of Barbados to the bustling streets of Beijing.”

Commencing my architectural career in Barbados, I joined a local practice designing small residential and office projects, immersing myself in the nuances of the tropical island context.

After a few years, I pursued and completed my master's degree in Beijing, and then worked in a multinational design firm, marking a pivotal shift towards engaging in larger and more complex architectural endeavours.

These contrasting international experiences have cultivated a deep appreciation for the inherent significance of cultural relevance and regional identity within architectural design. This awareness has prompted me to question the conventional practices of constructing structures with generic features, advocating instead for designs firmly rooted in their cultural context. I firmly believe that adopting this approach doesn't require compromising progress or technological innovation.

My commitment to marrying cultural authenticity with forward-thinking ideas and cutting-edge technology sets me apart as a designer, and I am dedicated to creating spaces that resonate deeply with their surroundings while pushing the boundaries of architectural possibility.