Isaac Cherian

Part II Architectural Assistant

The act of playful transgression in architecture is a catalyst for pushing beyond the ordinary”

In my perspective, architecture embodies a purposeful act of playful transgression — an exploration that involves bending and challenging conventional norms. This approach allows for a dynamic and forward-thinking engagement with design, where the pursuit of unconventional solutions and the breaking of traditional moulds become integral aspects of the architectural process.

Urban sketching has long been a passion of mine, and I find that this forces me to keenly observe spaces and appreciate the unpredictable user behaviours in urban environments. I firmly believe that designers should embrace play and unpredictability in the spaces they design, allowing people to shape and inhabit the spaces as their own.

Beyond architecture, I love playing jazz piano. The improvisational nature of jazz resonates with my approach to architecture, appreciating the freedom to bend the rules and explore new possibilities.

I have enjoyed working on Bratislava Southbank, a prominent 210,000 sqm landscape-led, mixed-use development. This project’s focus on public realm and destination placemaking aligns with my affinity for landscape-oriented design. It's in projects like these that I find joy, working towards creating spaces that not only function, but also inspire and adapt to the dynamic nature of human interaction.