Mar 31, 2020

Plus X Brighton nears completion

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Completion of Plus X Brighton is imminent, with seven 5-tonne Elm trees recently transported from Germany to Britain, and carefully lifted into position to form a boulevard along the main road that forms a boundary to the site.

Since 2016, we have been working to bring our framework vision for Preston Barracks to life. This includes acting as the architects and landscape architects for the site’s flagship scheme, the first-ever Plus X innovation hub, Plus X Brighton, which is currently under construction. This new-technology and co-working building aims to cement Brighton’s position as one of the best places in the world to be an entrepreneur and an inventor, providing diverse workspace for a wide range of creative businesses, all with access to a shared prototyping lab.

Plus X5

The Elm trees have been part of our vision since the very first planning application and are an ode to Brighton & Hove’s international reputation for their work to manage Elm Disease, with the city having the largest stock of Elm species, cultivars and varieties in Britain.

We look forward to seeing them in leaf in the coming months, along with the final touches to the building taking place.

Plus X7

A special thank you to Edburton contractors and Acre Landscape both of whom were very patient and helpful in getting the trees into position.

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Preston Barracks is a joint venture between the University of Brighton, Brighton and Hove City Council and developers U+I, and involves the transformation of Georgian army barracks and two adjacent university car parks into a much-improved university campus and mixed-use neighbourhood. Plus X is a concept by Plus X in partnership with U+I.


Plus X Brighton nears completion