Jun 11, 2019

Now Open: Fault Lines

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Fault Lines is an interactive installation that explores the sometimes forgotten edges of London’s local authority boundaries. Notionally invisible, London’s Fault Lines can become visible when parts of the city are consistently forgotten about, if not neglected or even marginalised, over a long period of time.

As the city around the Fault Lines evolves and develops, stark contrasts emerge between places in change and places in remiss. It is not unusual to observe seismic shifts in the built environment where one borough meets another, and distinctly different planning policies are physically manifested side by side. Visible across London, ‘cliff edges’ where development incentives come to an abrupt end, stand testament to this reality.

Made peripheral purely because of administrative lines, the Fault Lines are rarely the focus of people’s attention. Considered by many ‘too difficult’ to develop, co-ordinated and considered investment is rare. Often severed by road, rail and other infrastructural barriers, these swathes of land can be impermeable and isolated.

Fault Lines is open free to the public from June 11 to September 13, Tuesday to Fridays 10-4pm. Through a collective mapping exercise, we welcome visitors to contribute their ideas for the evolution of London’s Fault Lines.

Fault Lines is our contribution to the London Festival of Architecture, which this year explores the theme ‘boundaries’.

News 5cfa70efc0288

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Now Open: Fault Lines