Jan 24, 2022

Murphy's Yard takes a major step forward

by Daniel Mahony
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The regeneration of Murphy’s Yard - a 6.23-hectare (15.5 acre) site that runs from Kentish Town to Gospel Oak - came a step closer this week with an outline planning application validated by Camden Council.

The application was submitted by our client, Folgate Estates Ltd, an independently run sister property company to J Murphy & Sons Ltd, the leading global, specialist engineering and construction firm, that has occupied the site for over 50 years. The scheme will deliver at least 750 new homes – with 35% affordable housing – as well as new office, industrial, healthcare and commercial spaces.

Around a third of Murphy’s Yard will be used to create the ‘Heath Line’ and associated public space – a lush new pedestrian and cycle route linking Kentish Town to Gospel Oak and Hampstead Heath.

SEW Murphys Yard View 07

Studio Egret West is the urban designer, architect and landscape architect for the Murphy’s Yard scheme having developed a considered Design Code that provides a framework to anchor the vision, character, quality and diversity of future detailed components. The Design Code is not intended to be prescriptive, but provides the overarching design vision and principles that should be followed. This allows for flexibility to encourage richness and variety in future detailed designs.

Our proposals seek to stitch the Murphy’s Yard site into the wider local area to overcome local severance and invite people in. The Heath Line – a new, multi layered route through the site - will provide a link between Hampstead Heath in the north and Kentish Town in the south. We have sought to retain and celebrate the site’s industrial heritage and significant contextual character - establishing a mixed-use neighbourhood with spatial diversity and an industrious identity.

SEW Murphys Yard View 04

Underpinning the framework is a focus on health and wellbeing with designs encouraging walking and cycling, facilitating healthy and mindful lifestyle choices, alongside health focussed services and facilities.

This is a large planning application. A range of interested parties will be consulted over the coming months, with a view to securing planning consent later in 2022. The detail of the various elements of the scheme will follow in 2023 through detailed planning applications.

SEW Murphys Yard View 03

Over the last four years, the project’s design team have hosted numerous consultations and conversations with local residents and groups, and other interested parties resulting in many design changes. This consultation process will continue, leading to detailed proposals for each phase which will be presented to Camden planners for their review.

J Murphy & Sons Ltd employs around 350 employees based at the site. The corporate headquarters are excluded from the redevelopment plans as it is remaining on the site and J Murphy & Sons Ltd are committed to staying on site, remaining part of the local community for many years to come.

Following a lot of hard work over the past few years, it’s exciting that we’ve now submitted the application. The proposals we’ve arrived at have had input from the local community and reflects the planning guidance. We believe our proposal will significantly improve the area.”
Andrew Wilson Chair of Folgate Estates Ltd.


Murphy's Yard takes a major step forward