Feb 09, 2021

Introducing Crimscott Street, Bermondsey

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We're working with Fruition Properties to design a truly innovative scheme that will be the first to combine residential and light-industrial uses through airspace development and MMC – a type of project that is seen as exemplary for protecting London’s industrial spaces while providing new sustainable homes.

The recent appointment sees Studio Egret West designing a revised application for the site, where through an engineering solution, Fruition Properties can increase the scheme from the nine units that have already been consented, to 50, bringing more vital housing to the Opportunity Area while protecting the established local employer for the foreseeable future.

Crimscott existing 2 Crimscott Street - The site today

The project is one of three new MMC mixed-use projects across London being led by Fruition Properties.

Their new work reflects a collaboration-led approach to development through partnership agreements, away from the traditional land acquisition model, reducing the need for onerous upfront costs and allows for the sharing of development benefits with the landowner.

It also reflects the Fruition Properties’s increased focus on airspace development and modular construction – proven to accelerate construction timelines to allow for new well-designed, sustainable, quality homes to be built at pace.

In the financial year to date, the business has legally secured 85 units across the three schemes and there are 143 units in the pipeline across five further schemes, (deals agreed and in legal negotiation).


Introducing Crimscott Street, Bermondsey