Jan 26, 2022

Images revealed of Manchester's largest public playground

by Max Aughton
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Last week we revealed the first images of the exciting new playground, ‘Mayfield Play Yard’, that will be part of Mayfield Manchester. At more than 1,400 sq ft, the public playground will be largest in the city. 🤸🏻‍♂️

We have designed this wonderful structure in partnership with our client, regeneration specialist U+I, and Massey & Harris, an independent play equipment specialist who are building the play area at their workshop in Stockport before it is transported and installed at Mayfield early next year.

The unique design of this new attraction is formed around six chimney-like structures that nod to Manchester’s industrial heritage - capturing some of the history of the site.

One of the play tunnels will also pay homage to the former Mayfield train station and Depot’s history. Clad in reclaimed brick, it will replicate a railway tunnel opening.

View 04 Playpark 211115

The six towers, which taper towards the top, are three-metres wide and incorporate eight slides, including a 60-degree drop slide, racing slides and a six-metre spiral slide.

The play area will promote engagement with wildlife and nature with trim trails, stepping posts and balance beams running throughout greenery.

This is a park which people will visit again and again and have different experiences each time they come as seasons change. For children especially, as their confidence grows so too will their use of the play area which features different heights and levels for all ages."The towers will sit amongst the canopies of some of the largest trees to be planted at Mayfield and this will give the children a real sense of playing within nature.”
Max Aughton Project Landscape Architect

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Images revealed of Manchester's largest public playground