May 25, 2023

Co-creAIte – AI everywhere all at once - The launch of Studio Egret West’s latest exhibition

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Studio Egret West‘s latest exhibition ‘Co-creAIte – AI everywhere all at once’, is now open to the public. AI, or artificial intelligence, is exponentially advancing and has become increasingly accessible, very poplar and all engulfing. Studio Egret West is both curious and optimistic, but also critical towards the potential to co-create with AI. Our latest showroom exhibition, ‘co-creAIte – AI everywhere all at once’ showcases an inspiring and humanistic scenario where humans, empowered by AI, might co-create with increasingly informed and imaginative design output.

Opening Night Launch Party

Opening night brought together industry professionals, AI experts and artists to celebrate the launch of our exhibition. Guests browsed the interactive exhibition, set out around eight principles that we believe will prove important in successful human-AI co-creation: Parameters, Prediction, Performance, Play, Programming, Participation, Phantasy and Pause. These drivers will be crucial in understanding how design industries may evolve alongside emerging AI technology.

The night's menu was designed and prepared by chef Danny Jack, who used Chat GPT to co-write the menu.

A carbon-impact assessment of the menu was studied by Seven Cherries Consulting.

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Open to the public - during weekdays, from 10am-6pm. Free admission, no need to book.

Studio Egret West

3 Brewhouse Yard



Co-creAIte – AI everywhere all at once - The launch of Studio Egret West’s latest exhibition