Dec 01, 2022

Celebrating this Year's Promotions

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Studio Egret West have an exceptional team comprising of urban designers, architects, landscape architects, graphic designers, model makers, film makers, and more. Celebrating this talented team we have made some key promotions.

Landscape architecture has always been the glue that binds together architecture and urban design, and in recent years, through a variety of highly successful place making projects, our landscape team has flourished. We are promoting Duncan Paybody to become Director of Landscape continuing his great work promoting the highest quality landscape architecture in the studio and across the industry. Tommy Clarke becomes Associate Director Landscape Architect and Max Aughton an Associate Landscape Architect.

Urban Design is always at the heart of our projects and we are delighted to announce Cassidy Reid as our new Associate Urban Designer.

Team Duncan Paybody 1 2400
Duncan Paybody
Team Cassidy Reid 2 2400
Cassidy Reid
Team Thomas Clark 1 2400
Thomas Clark
Team Max Aughton 1 2400
Max Aughton

These new promotions reflect our ambition to strengthen our place making skills across all our projects.

Congratulations to Duncan, Tommy, Max and Cassidy!

Are you interested in joining the Studio Egret West team? Check out our current vacancies here or send your CV to [email protected].


Celebrating this Year's Promotions