Yuko Tan

Work Placement

Design is more than just creating spaces; it's a narrative woven from cultural threads and sustainable practices”

As a Japanese Singaporean who has called the UK home since the age of 14, I bring a unique blend of cultural influences to my design work. Inspired by Japanese architecture's emphasis on asymmetry and connected spaces, I am passionate about integrating culture, sustainability, and light into my designs.

These qualities have influenced the way I approach my current projects, where I find great joy in designing and reusing materials to create sustainable spaces. There's also something special that I love about designing with meticulous attention to the smallest details!

My dedication to sustainability and design innovation is reflected in my academic achievements, including receiving an A* for my Extended Project A Level project — a flood-proof sustainable house. Additionally, I designed and crafted a multi-use sustainable chair for my GCSE design project, demonstrating my commitment to innovative and environmentally conscious design solutions.