Jojo Tarvet

Assistant Landscape Architect

I see the urban fabric of a city as a continuous space which does not stop at the bricks of a building.”

Growing up in the charming old Roman city of St Albans, with its small and walkable streets, instilled in me a profound appreciation for urban spaces made with the human-scale in mind.

My love for thoughtful people-centred design led me to join Studio Egret West as an assistant landscape architect, and since then, I've found myself fully immersed in the vibrant and buzzing studio environment. I particularly enjoy producing rendered masterplans and illustrated strategic diagrams, and bringing design visions to life.

One of my proudest achievements has been my work on the landscape design of Bratislava’s Southbank, a prominent 210,000 sqm mixed use development with a strong focus on public realm and destination placemaking. The landscape features a proposal of undulating ‘banks’ of accommodation and ‘bowls’ of nature and ecology.

My academic journey at Sheffield School of Architecture, where I studied both architecture and landscape design, provided me with a holistic approach to placemaking. In 2022, I had the honour of being nominated and winning the Women in Property's National Student Awards for the Yorkshire & North East region. Representing the region in the national awards the same year is a cherished memory.

As for my creative hobbies, I love painting and lino printing. I'm also a huge fan of fabrics and tailoring, and I enjoy sewing dresses and upholstering furniture.

I'm always up for an adventure! I once hitchhiked over two weeks from Sheffield to Barcelona, a journey that solidified my love for exploration. I also find joy in bouldering and have conquered many natural bouldering climbs of the Peak District.