Daniel Njoku

Part II Architectural Assistant

I’m passionate about designing for local communities and integrating existing multicultural demographics into new gentrification processes.”

My first introduction to Studio Egret West was in 2015, when I joined a work experience week at the age of 18. I always knew that I would find a way back to the studio, and re-joined as a Part II Architectural Assistant 8 years later!

In the interim years, I freelanced on architectural projects from small builds to large masterplans. I’ve also mentored and collaborated with other designers on international competitions such as the Evolo Skyscraper Competition and RIBA’s Reimagining Railways.

I studied at the Leicester School of Architecture for my undergraduate degree, and then at the London School of Architecture for my master’s, where my industry-relevant skills were strengthened through design think-tanks and situational thesis development.

My educational highlights include empowering local community members to become micro-developers in their own areas – utilising 3D printing techniques to design new typologies for multicultural London communities.

I love to travel and take inspiration from nature and beyond – which I always try to incorporate into my work. In my free time, you can find me exploring art exhibitions, shooting hoops, or working out at the gym.